Grow Your Agency By Slowing Down

4 times a year we bring our private clients together to work on their business for two powerful days and plan their next 90 days.

During that time we open up the kimono and share what’s been working for us and the lessons we’ve learned in our own business.

I wanted to share a short clip from one March intensive where I broke down a key lesson that you’ll have to understand in order to grow.

It’s counterintuitive but it will unlock the next level of growth in your agency.

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Hey guys, Greg Hickman here from all And I'm going to bring you back in the room from one of our Academy intensives, where I was breaking down a handful of principles that we applied in our business that allowed our business to grow, that I think would be beneficial to you. So if you're an agency owner or a freelancer service provider of some sort, you're... probably trying to tackle a little bit too much. And I know because I've been there and sometimes when you tackle too much, you find yourself doing too much, too many things on your plate at one time that nothing's really moving forward and you just keep stacking more and more and more on and it gets heavy and that actually is going to prevent you from growing. So in this clip, I want to talk about how, if you actually just slow down in your business, you will be able to speed up and you'll be able to grow in a way that you never thought was possible just by taking a step back.

So let's hop into today's principle and I hope you enjoy it. Sometimes you have to slow down to save time. This was the Jim Rohn quote. Uh, and so like instead of racing into action to implement everything, um, often it's in your best interest to go acquire more information, to acquire more skills, to get that different perspective on the situation so that when you do go to into action, that the action is as Swift as possible. Does that make sense? Um, and sometimes that's going to require you to take two steps back in order to take, uh, one step forward in the right direction. And so, um, again, this right here, knowing the facts without the awareness of where you're actually at and understanding that this two step backs, this two step back is temporary. If you didn't, if you don't have that awareness that I'm taking this two steps in order to go forward, your lizard brain is going to kick in and you're going to fight like hell to stay comfortable because it feels like you're going backwards.

Like you don't, no one likes the feeling of going backwards, but if you knew that you were going backwards temporarily to go massively forwards and you could, and you were very clear on that. And it was intentional, it's a whole different ball game. Okay. Um, so basically one of the biggest growth hacks that exists is just awareness. It's like, how do you continue to increase your awareness? And so knowing where you're at in this very moment, getting those facts, data, not just the feelings, coupled with a clear vision of where you want to go, this is going to weaponize you to actually move forward in the right direction and be okay with taking and dealing with some temporary pain in order to leap forward. It sort of goes into the same, same, uh, phrase of like, uh, you know, they're like hire early, like don't hire when it hurts.

It's like hire early. It's like crap. Like, well, I don't really need to bring on this person, but like, I'm going to bring them on now. Yes, it's going to hurt my profit margin. Cause like we don't have necessarily the money to really have them, but this person is going to unlock me and help us create more revenue in like 30 to 60 to 90 days. And so like, I'm going to have this person before I need them, which is going to allow us to catapult once they're on they're on onboard, like that's an uncomfortable decision, but like it's going to only make us grow faster later versus like, Oh my God, I need this person to come in and be a rock star. And there's all this pressure. You don't have the time to train them. Cause the chaos. And like now there's just so much more riding on it that like, when something does go wrong, it actually sets you back even further. So sometimes you have to intentionally slow down and we've definitely did that a bit in the last year. If you're looking to transform your agency by adding on a new revenue stream, like group coaching or consulting, possibly even a productized service, then I want to invite you over to our free for slash group, where we share training and content each and every week, helping you transform your business, see you there.


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