Trailblazer Collective

Grow your business by adding income streams that scale your profits—without needing to hire, get new clients, or increase work hours.

In this pivotal stage of growth, it’s crucial to apply the right model for your unique business.

Scale your expertise, not your labor.

Most founders think the only way to grow is by hiring more people to serve more clients. That’s not true. 

Not only does a bigger team come with more overhead, but it’s easy to get sucked into micromanaging…leaving you with unchanged profits, yet more stress.

Make the magic happen

The key to growth is to focus on systems and intellectual property—not just people.

By packaging your knowledge into products and programs—like training, group coaching, consulting, workshops, and memberships—you’ll multiply profits without adding hours to your schedule. It’s pure monetization magic.

 Adding multiple income streams lets you continue to do more with less.

Operate above your business

Optimize your systems, team, and resources so growth happens with minimal ‘you’

Become a category of one

Develop and monetize your intellectual property and become an industry pioneer

Find business fun again

Achieve more of an investor role, with the freedom to pursue diverse opportunities

Set the next-level vision

Climbing to the top of the pyramid requires a solid decision-making team with an aligned vision.

And once you’re at the top? It’s no time to rest on your laurels. You need to secure yourself as a market leader and protect what you’ve built.

This isn’t just any old training

And it’s not for just anyone, either. This is a highly personalized coaching program that takes into account your unique strengths, challenges, values, and motivations.

You’ll be part of a small, highly-vetted advisory group of successful consultants, agencies, and experts.

Client stories

Hear from real, everyday ambitious agency owners, freelancers, consultants, and B2B service professionals who took their business to the next level with AltAgency.

What’s included?

Here’s a breakdown of the logistics.

1:1 Kickoff Call

After completing the intake form, we set up your quarterly calls. They help us fact-find and get caught up on your business, offers, and structure. Next, we create your 90-day project plan and make sure we’re clear on your OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

1:1 Quarterly Trek Call

A 90-minute session with you and your team where we identify your biggest bottleneck and discuss quarterly OKRs.

Annual Retreats

Three to four times a year, we meet up in places like Arizona or Colorado to spend a few days sharing strategies and growing personally and professionally.

Weekly Coaching/Strategy Sessions

 A 90-minute members-only call with Greg and Lisa for personalized coaching, consulting, and training.

Ad-Hoc Mentorship

Want some extra 1:1 time? You’ll pay just half of the rack rate for sessions lasting one hour, three hours, or a full day 
(in-person only).

Private Community

Join our small, exclusive community made up of the AltAgency team and a carefully selected group of successful consultants, agencies, and experts.  Everyone proactively shares expertise and helps each other with everything from making the next big hire to signing a game-changing contract.

Our Full Training Curriculum

You’ll get access to our 24-project video training curriculum. This includes our proven playbooks, turn-key campaigns, funnels, automations, tools, scripts, and templates.

Prepare to enter your zone of genius

If you’re ready for a journey of intense focus, start by scheduling a time to talk.

Frequently asked questions

The Trailblazer experience includes a customized onboarding and kickstart, so you can get started right away.

We’re currently capping the size of the group to 100 to keep things as intimate as possible.

Up to you! We hold 4 retreats per year at locations throughout the US. We recommend attending at least 2. We also hold 4-6 training style workshops in Denver, CO that you’ll have the ability to attend as well.

Our 4 “retreat style” events are held in locations with access to fun activities outdoors, like Colorado, Arizona, etc. We encourage you to turn it into a trip with your partner and family if/when possible. Our more training style workshops are held at our HQ in Denver, CO.

The experience is a mix of 1:1 and small group.You will meet quarterly and monthly for a 1:1 sessions to plan and map your Quarters and Months.Trailblazer members get access to weekly live small group consulting sessions with the AltAgency team of Advisors.You’ll get a chance to ask your specific questions in the same manner as 1:1, but you’ll have a group of other trusted members there as well who can provide additional feedback and support.As a member you also have you’ll have the option to get my personal help which may be useful purchased in 1hr/3hr/Full Day (In-person only) blocks if/when needed at a 50% discount of our public rack rate.

If you haven’t heard of us before, we serve over 700 different types of agencies helped hundreds of founders and business owners redesign and grow to the next level in their companies…So yes, these proven strategies will work for your market, as they have brought in results for our clients in most verticals.

You and your team can attend as much or as little of the live retreats, workshops, and Live Consulting Sessions as you like. All sessions are recorded and questions can be submitted ahead of time if you can’t make a session.That said, we do ask you commit at least 90 minutes per quarter to your Quarterly Planning.Most of our members spend 3-5 hours per week to go through frameworks, join the calls, and implement to start making progressBeyond that, everything else is as-needed and when-needed.

The live, in-person retreats are typically held in Jan, April, July and October. Exact dates, meeting locations, and a complete calendar of events will be shared during the interview.

No, not yet. Trailblazer Collective is for experienced entrepreneurs running established businesses ranging from $400k-$5M in annual revenue and looking to monetize their expertise to compliment their service offerings. You are still welcome to apply, though, because we like to find ways to support earlier-stage entrepreneurs so you can come to us when you are ready.

Yes! And in fact, we encourage you to. You can add up to 5 team members to your account. These team members can access all the recorded trainings as well as attend the weekly consulting sessions and select workshops.

Join the program

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