Consistency Is The Ingredient For Success In Your Agency

Wanna hop inside one of our client intensives with our Academy clients?

We meet with our Academy clients 4 times per year in person where we cover the latest training in client acquisition, sales, delivery, systems, automation, etc. 

But we also cover key lessons we learned in our business in an “open the kimono” style session we call “The Fireside Chat”. 

In today’s video, you’ll listen in as I share a key principle that allowed us to back to back to back to back record months.

Transcript / MP3

Do the little things, just a little bit better consistently hat tip Taylor Welch on this one from his new podcast daily mind. Medicine's really good. I am no smarter than any one of you have more than half of you. I'll say all of you are actually smarter than me, probably in most ways. But I read my morning formula almost every single day. I move every single day on my smoothie every single day. I'm more often than not feeling really good about myself. I'm crushing production and it's like, those are all super little tiny things, but I'm just doing daily. The problem is they're also equally easy to not do them. And so like you doing like the spending tons of time, like on that one Facebook ad campaign, like the one big, you know, it's gotta be a home run hit, like don't spend your time there. ...


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