You Are The Marketer In Your Agency

“I’m really good at helping my client market their business but I never get around to doing it for myself”

Have you found yourself saying that to yourself? 

Week in and week out I talk to agency owners who would actually be growing if they just did for themselves what they do for their clients…

But, they never “get around to it”. 

It’s the classic story of the Cobbler's kids have no shoes. 

Well, here’s some tough love for ya in today’s video. 

If you are the business owner, you MUST become a MARKETER. 

To become a marketer you have to become a PRODUCER. 

If you’re not creating marketing assets that position you as an authority you’ll never have people coming to you on-demand. 

If you never know where the next client is coming from….watch today’s video. 

​Transcript / MP3

If you're an agency owner and you always rely on referrals and word of mouth, I have some news for you. You need to become a marketer. What's funny is many of you might even be a marketing agency, whether it's digital or PR or communications, what have you, but you've never actually marketed yourself. You've always done marketing for your clients.... Well, if you want to start to create more predictability and have leads coming to you, people coming to you because they want to work with you and you can solve their problem, we need to attract them. And we need to attract them with certain things and that's going to be your content. And we need to create authority and leadership based content that will bring people to you, that you can scale up, make it on demand and automate so that you constantly have a pipeline full of prospects and leads that are interested in your solutions.

And so in this video, I want to bring you behind the scenes to one of our Academy intensives. We hold these four times a year with our Academy clients. And this is a small snippet from a session that I call the fireside chat, where I'm really sharing kind of 10 principles that I think are really important that our clients know to transform their agency and take it to the next level. And if you are right now in a situation where, you know, you've done most of the marketing for your clients, and you've never done marketing for yourself, you having the revenue that you want and desire the predictability and the certainty and the business that you desire is going to come from you, stepping up and becoming a marketer and a producer. So let's jump in to that clip right now. Hope you enjoy. If you want to be looked at as the expert, the leader, the authority in your marketplace, you have the weapons, I've repackaged half of this stuff. I'm SIM saying the exact same thing that I was saying in July as in November, just a different way, because I need to say it a different way so that you actually will do it. Right? What was one of the lessons from November? July was, um, more often than not. We need to be reminded. Then we need to be taught.

It's like crazy videos. Every day, crave deals every day, you double down and invested in a resource. That's going to help you create videos every day. So now we need to create videos every day. You've just learned some tools to create videos every day. Guess what? You're not going to create videos every day, but there'll be another day to create another video. And then you can create another video, right? It's not the last time you have to create a video, but you have to be a marketer. Like I know we want to outsource a lot of things. Um, but the reality is like sales and marketing are going to be the last things that you asked, like really outsource sales specifically, but also marketing. Like you guys can be the face, but like your face can't not exist.


They're going to, if they are sort of buying you, it doesn't mean you have to be a personal brand, but like leverage your personal brand because people already know who you are, right. Your market. Like, we need to tap into that. If you are the cog in the process and she can help make sure that videos are being produced and you're just featured in them

and she manages the process, like maybe now videos are easier for you, right? Like figuring out, like, we're talking about how we can do that for ourselves. Um, eliminate some of those friction points that are preventing you from creating the video so that you have videos. Um, but you have to be a marketer. You have to be a producer. If you're looking to transform your agency, by adding on a new revenue stream, like group coaching or consulting, possibly even a productized service, then I want to invite you over to our free community at all. forward slash group, where we share training and content each and every week, helping you transform your business, see you there.


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