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How Agencies Can Use A Course

If you’re an agency, your goals are:More ClientsHigher ProfitsBetter Client ResultsAnd in this video, I’m going to break down how you can install a simple course — in addition to your current service — to achieve all of the above.

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What Agencies Can Learn From Tesla’s Master Plan

When Tesla was new, Elon wrote up a simple master plan for how he planned to take his small electric car company and grow it. Spoiler alert: it worked. And in this video, I’m going to break down what the master plan is, why it worked, and how you can use it

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When To Hire A Sales Person

About 80% of the people we talk to don’t want to try to sell someone, because it feels uncomfortable. And about 80% of prospects don’t actually want to be sold to, because they don’t want to get taken advantage of. People hate sales. So it makes sense that many service businesses want to hire their first salesperson […]

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Dead Simple Marketing Strategy (Online Business Owner)

I want to introduce you to a model I learned from Taki Moore and Josh McKitterick.It’s called the 4-Mat model.A school teacher named Bernice McCarthy developed it in the 80’s, to better communicate the ways in which people think.It works by helping us give better answers to these questions:Why?What?How?I’ll break the whole thing down in […]

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Lead Nurture Strategy for Online Businesses

If you don’t have a lead nurture strategy for your online business, you are letting opportunity and money slip through the cracks. Out of 100 leads you generate, 50 will never invest in the solution to the problem you could help with. Of the remaining 50, 15% will invest in a solution within 90 days […]

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The Future of Online Service-Based Business

I’ve isolated 3 trends that will impact the future of small agencies and service businesses. When you hear “trends” you might think they are basically impermanent. They come and go, so you can basically keep doing what you’ve been doing. But that’s not the case. Based on the way the industry is going right now, these trends are […]

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I Was Stuck Under $500k/Year Until I Did This

I was stuck at under half a million / year for a while. And I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Turns out there were just a few strategic decisions I needed to make in order to drive the business forward. In this video, I’ll walk you through those decisions including:- Service and scope,- 3 different […]

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How To Buy Back Your Time In Service-Based Businesses

In this video, I share the three different ways to buy back your time in service-based businesses, and how you can use that as a way to create more income for yourself! And I’m not covering hiring a person because while that is a must, most people should do this first.

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