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Chris Baylis

"It was easily the best investment I made in my business. I can't think of something that paid off in this way. Just the pre-selling of my new program allowed me to step away from 1-on-1. It's exactly what you said it would and just as challenging as you promised it would be."


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Erin Young


Rob Jacomen
High-Performance Producer Brands LLC

Chris Baylis

Sponsorship Collective

Ebony Looney

Make Me Over Eb

Tim Gunsolley

Elevation Growth Partners

Kristen Youngs & Gaby Roman

Coaching No Code Apps

Ailsa Chibnail


Josh Orr

Streamline Retail

Deacon Rodda


Richard Mullholland & Justin King

Missing Link

Andres Marquina & Vanessa Flores

Andres Marquina

Emmanuel Lao

Square 1 Group

Juan & Joy Valdivia

Nao Designs JV

Christopher Harris
Faith Growth

Jason Jones
Studio Jones Design

John Kovacevich

Lara Brightside
Living Brightside Enterprises

Stephanie Casey
Lovage Inc.

Ryan Rhoten

Career Brand

Seth Erickson

Kodis Agency

 Joshua Harmening

Harmening Marketing Solutions

Robin Colucci
Robin Colucci

Mike Spence
Flow Business Systems

Kieza Silveira De Sousa
Merch Masters Ltd

Jordan Behan

Narrate Creative

Mo Ismail

Mocs Media

Kristen Youngs

Aside from all the actual implementation help, 1:1 help building our business, it's just a huge relief knowing that when we have questions, whenever we want to do anything with the business there is someone there who we can talk to.


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