Escape Founder-Led Sales With Deep Specialization

​Want to escape founder-led sales?

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Picture this: you’re tied to your phone, jumping at every sales call, hoping it’ll be the big one. Sounds exhausting, right? Well, Corey Quinn has been there, but he figured out the key to breaking free from founder-led sales—specialization.

Now he’s here to share how specializing in a vertical, using strategic content, and a clever outbound sales motion can dramatically shift your agency’s growth trajectory. And guess what? He’s revealing the playbook on how to do it!

His methods aren’t just theory; they’re proven strategies that took Scorpion from a sturdy $20 million to a whopping $150 million in revenue.

Discover the transformational power of going deep with vertical specialization and what warm cookies have to do with making sales easier.

So grab your favorite snack, settle in, and watch as we delve into the secrets of specialized growth in this episode with Corey Quinn.

Greg Hickman

Greg Hickman

CEO & Lead Mentor

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