Why Do Organic Marketing?

Why do organic marketing?
In a recent coaching call, we covered this and I wanted to share a short snippet from that call to discuss where I see most people get it wrong when it comes to doing organic.
What do I mean by organic?
If you want to build an audience, influence and authority you have to share your point of view.
There are a lot of ways to do that.
You can start a YouTube channel, a podcast, etc but the fastest and lowest tech ways are things like:
Written posts on your social profiles.
Going live.
Telling stories etc.
But, if you're doing it with the sole purpose of getting sales...
You're doing it wrong.

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If you're doing organic to sell, it'll almost never work period.

So the reason we do organic is not for sales. It's not for, uh, getting appointments. That's not like the old, the ulterior motive behind it. If that's how you're playing the game, that's probably why it's not going to work. The real reason everyone does organic is to be a leader in their marketplace and build authority. So the way in which you share content, can't always, and you know, Eric said be too salesy. Um, so, you know, going into groups totally is something you should do here in the language that people are using. You know, whole, I love polls asking questions and getting people to comment and then doing some of that and then dropping some sort of knowledge, which I'll get to some of that here in a minute, but really that notion of adding value, right? Like if you come from a place of service, sales becomes a whole lot easier. ...


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