How to Price Your First High-Ticket Consulting Program


It's a challenging topic for so many owners.

Especially when you're launching something new to your clients or your market.
Should you price hight?



In today's video I shared a snippet from one of our weekly coaching calls inside of our 90 Day Foundations Program discussing how I'd think about and approach pricing your first high-ticket consulting offer.

Oh, and I also cover why so many gurus just want you to charge as much as possible. 😉
So there's that.

Let me know your biggest takeaway.

Transcript / MP3

So you're going to launch your first high ticket consulting program or add it to your existing agency. What should you charge? That's what we're going to talk about in today's episode.

What's going on guys, Greg kickin here with all And in this video, I actually want to bring you behind the scenes of, uh, a snippet of one of our coaching calls with one of our clients. ...


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