Show New Clients What To Expect

The gap between when a new client gives you the money and when the meaningful work starts, is when the new client relationship is made or broken.

Showing up to your new client kickoff call without a plan puts you at risk of starting the relationship off on the wrong foot.

This can lead to refunds.

Scope creep.

Projects taking longer than they need to.

Unhappy clients.

Clients that yell at you... (ouch)

So, if your new client onboarding experience is cobbled together at best — you need to install this campaign.

It's simple.

It works.

It will help you create better clients.

Ones that follow instructions and allow you to do your best work as efficiently as possible.

Report back once you apply this to your business.

You're welcome. 😉

Transcript / MP3

If you've ever signed on a new client and they showed up to your first call, your kickoff call and it was massively inefficient and they were not prepared. And you kind of needed to just have the call again and or worse, a couple calls before the real work could actually get started. Then this video is for you. ...


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