How We Set Goals In Our Agency

In a recent podcast interview, I got asked how we set goals.

In today's video I wanted to give you a glimpse into the high-level process we use as well as many of our clients.

There is one KEY ingredient to our goal-setting process that has changed how we set goals and make sure we hit them.

Honestly, it's one ingredient that most leave out and that's why they end up burnt out, exhausted and want to give up before ever reaching their goal.

So, check out today's videos and leave a comment sharing how YOU set goals.

Transcript / MP3

What's going on, everybody in today's video, I wanted to actually share a snippet of an interview that I just did on how we actually set goals in our business, both big picture and every 90 days. So let's hop on over to that segment and I hope you enjoy in the comment section below. I want to hear your takeaway from how we set goals and see how you set goals. Is there anything that I may be missing that we could potentially add? I'd love to know. Let's just jump right in. ...


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