Scale Your Service Business By Modeling Chipotle

If you really want to start to grow, automate and scale your service business to the point where you can double your profits while working fewer hours, you got to start to think about how you can deliver your services like Chipotle.

Yes, like Chipotle.

Here's what I mean.

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If you really want to start to grow, automate and scale your service business to the point where you can double your profits while working less hours, you got to start to think about how you can deliver your services like Chipotle. Yes, like Chipolote. Here's what I mean. So maybe you're like most service providers who do a lot of custom work, right? Every new client that comes in, they need something unique and you can really help a lot of different types of clients and you even do right now because you can wrap a custom solution around what it is that your new client needs. Am I right? But here's where most service providers go wrong when it comes to delivering custom services. While the client thinks they're getting this custom solution on the backend where you're actually doing the work and you're doing the delivery, it's also custom, which means every single time you get a new client, it's like you're starting from scratch.

It's actually like you don't even have a real offer. Your offer is just you saying the word yes. And when your product is just the word yes, a k you'll do whatever it is a client asks you to do. You really start to spread yourself too thin and start to lower the ceiling on how many clients you can actually serve at any given time. And as you can only work with a couple clients at a time, you only can generate a certain amount of revenue each and every month. And it makes it really difficult for you to do both sales and delivery at the same time because your delivery takes so much work. So let's talk about why delivering your service like Aaa will actually help you grow, automate and scale your business a whole lot faster than things are going right now. So if you've ever been to Chipotle, you know that you can go in there and look at the menu and you can get Tacos, you can get Burritos, you can get a Fajita, you can get bowls right?

To me, the customer, when I'm looking at that menu, I'm choosing exactly what I want. But no matter what I choose off that menu, they still go through the exact same motion of delivery. The exact same resources are being used to make my meal, right? Whether it's a Taco, whether it's a Burrito, whether it's a f a Fajita, the same core team is still delivering it and all of the same ingredients are behind that little glass divider, right there are still meet Tereso chicken. There's all the, all the different vegetables, all the different sauces and all the different toppings. No matter which I choose Taco Burrito Fajitas or a bowl, they're still using the exact same ingredients with the exact same resources. So while for me, the customer, I get a unique experience. The team at chipotle a is really optimized in how they get me that unique result because they can create any one of those options with the exact same team, with the exact same staff, with the exact same process and with the exact same ingredients that are at the, at their disposal.

So for you as a service provider, you got to think about what are the core ingredients that you can have available to get your clients a couple of different end results. You have to deliver just one service all the time. But if you serve 10 services and you need 10 different types of staff and 10 different sets of ingredients, you're never going to become more scalable. So how can you offer three products or three services, but that all use the exact same staff, the exact same process and the exact same ingredients. And there you have the ability to go offer a couple of unique situations and sell a couple of unique outcomes to widen your client base, to get your clients a variety of results without actually having to start from scratch every single time you get a new client. So that's why every single service provider needs to start thinking about delivering their service like chipotle a delivers all of their different unique combinations of meals.

Now, if you found this helpful, I would love for you to share this with a another service provider that you know, that has made maybe stuck or struggling trying to grow their business. Maybe they can only work with one, two, or three clients at a time, and they want to get to 10 20 and 30 clients, right? They want to be able to double or triple their client capacity so that they can finally grow and hit the revenue goals that they had been hoping to get just like you. So if you've liked this, please share it with a friend who wants to grow their service business. And if you're looking for more, we have a free community on Facebook called the scalable service provider. I'll link that up below. We hope to see you in there and we'll talk soon.


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