My Weekly Agenda Using Notion

Have you tried every project management tool under the sun and STILL haven't found the one you like?

If so, we'd probably get along great.

Just recently I started using Notion.

First, I started using it to manage my days/week.

That's what this video is about.

But since, our entire team has started using it and it's helping us run our 7 figure business way more effectively.

So today, I wanted to share how I use Notion.

Transcript / MP3

What's good. Everybody, Greg Hickman here. And in this video, I want to break down how I use notion the notion app specifically to manage my workweek, manage my day as I continue to grow my business all agency, which So without further ado, let's just jump right in. ...


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MIchael Bungay Stanier - November 1, 2020 Reply

I enjoyed the video – and stoked that you’re reading The Advice Trap.

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