Different types of productized services

Most people think there is only ONE way to productize your services.

The most common is called "Unlimited" services pioneered by a company called WP Curve then followed up by ones like Design Pickle.

But that's only one METHOD.

Now that we've helped about 300 agency owners productize their services and knowledge we've realized that there isn't just ONE way to do it.

There are 6 different ways our clients have done it and there are even services we use and love that I'll share today that have different ways of delivering their services more like products.

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What's good. Everybody. Greg Hickman here with all agency@allagency.com. And in this video, I'm going to break down the six ways to deliver your services like products. Now, if you're new here on this channel, we talk about how you can grow your agency, scale your agency through systems automation, and diversifying your revenue streams beyond just selling your labor and actually getting paid for your thinking. So we release a new video every single Thursday. So go ahead and click that subscribe button. So you don't miss another episode. Let's get it going. ...


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