My Biggest Takeaways From our 2-Day Client Intensive

3 times a year our Leverage coaching clients come into town for a 2-day intensive.

It’s one of my favorite parts of the business.

I’ve always learned that the biggest breakthroughs don’t happen on a computer.

They happen on paper, in a room working on your business with no tech to distract you.

In our Leverage program, our clients bring their teams (more specifically their #2) and it was an awesome experience to see their ah-ha's and breakthrough moments.

In today’s episode, I wanted to share my personal insights from watching our clients work on building a better business during the last few days with their team.

​Transcript / MP3

What's good guys, Greg here and in this episode I want to share a Facebook live that I just recently did.Kind of sharing my takeaways coming out of one of our quarterly two day intensives. ...

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