(Leaked Coaching Call) Selling DFY vs DWY

Coming at you with a short and sweet episode today…

It’s actually a little sneak peek behind the scenes from a coaching call I had with one of our clients.

Many of our clients are making the transition from done-for-you services where they are the labor to done-with-you where they have more leverage without sacrificing the client results.

One of our clients has found it hard to sell done-with-you mainly because she found selling done-for-you to be “easier”.

So, when she’s on a sales call, instead of leading with her DWY offer, she’s stayed in her comfort zone of selling DFY…

If you want to listen in on some quick coaching I gave her to help her make this transition easier, this will be a must-listen.

If you plan on launching an online coaching or consulting program at some point to complement (or replace) your existing agency services, you’ll need to be able to sell DWY to your client.

If you can’t, you’ll always be getting hired as the cheaper alternative to your client hiring an employee. #nobeuno

Until you get this...you’ll always fall back to selling DFY.

​Transcript / MP3

What's good everybody!In this episode, I want to share behind the scenes on some insight or some coaching that I gave one of our clients on the difference between selling their done for you services versus they're done with you programs. ...

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