How Marketing Agencies Make Money In 2023

Are you curious about how marketing agencies can/should make money in 2023?

In this week's video, I share how marketing agencies need to monetize. Here’s the thing, the lines between “doing” and “consulting” are getting blurrier than ever before. And you can add “education” via e-learning to that list.

Doing, helping, and educating will create a  trifecta of monetization that I don’t want you to ignore in 2023.

In practice, it looks like this:

1. Doing it for clients
2. Helping them do it themselves
3. Showing them how to do it and letting them take it from here

This is good news.

Because the bigger agencies are stuck “doing.” And yeah, they can do that better than you… They have bigger budgets. Bigger teams. More resources… but you DO NOT have to keep playing their game.

You have a ton of advantages, as I will show you.

In fact, things will be easier and more profitable for you in 2023.

You’re going to outperform the others when it comes to margin of time and profit.