Pricing Models For Agency Owners

If you ONLY have one pricing model in your agency you’re exposed.

Especially, if that pricing model is “time-for-money” better known as “capacity” or “units of time”.

At AltAgency we believe you should have multiple ways to serve your clients and understanding the different pricing models and how they might apply to you is crucial if you want to:

  • Escape the agency hamster wheel
  • Stop trading time for money
  • Add new revenue streams that are more profitable
  • Get paid for your thinking

...and a whole lot more.

We have seen a huge benefit of this in our own business as well as our clients.

When something like Covid happens or even a of the first things to get cut is labor.

So, only pricing your services based off of labor leaves you at risk and unfortunately, many agency owners felt it recently and many continue to deal with that aftermath.

Now is the time to add on a new revenue stream and pricing model to diversify how you get paid.

Transcript / MP3

Hey, what's going on, Greg here. And in this video, I want to talk about the different pricing models that you can adopt and use inside of your agency. Now, a few things that I want to cover before we jump into the different models is first, you can really only sell three things. And so the three things are what you're selling and the pricing model is really the structure and how you're going to deliver one of those three things. So the first thing that you can sell is your input and or time and materials, which if you're in a, you know, an agency, whether they're full service or specialized, you are probably doing one of these already. You're probably selling inputs time and materials. That's how you charge for the work that you do. The second option, or the second thing you can sell is outputs of deliverables....


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