Spend Time On These Activities To Get Clients

There are only 6 ways to get clients.

Some are faster than others.

1 requires cash.

The rest — require time, consistency and volume.

They all work.

You shouldn't use only one.

But you shouldn't start by trying to do all of them.

Which will you focus on?

Comment below and let me know.

Oh, and if you want help applying these to your business let me know and we can chat.

Transcript / MP3

The number one question I get is Greg, how do I get more clients to which I usually answer? Well, what client getting activities are you spending your time on to which I usually get a response of, huh? Now in this video, I want to break down six client getting activities that is really where you should be spending your time in order to get clients and how you should approach them depending upon what your cashflow looks like. Let's get it going. ...


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