Why You Can’t Remove Yourself From The Delivery Process

As a service provider, you'll need to find ways to remove yourself from the delivery process of what you do in order to scale.

If your client's results hinge on YOU being there, you're always going to be stuck in the fulfillment hamster wheel.

Here's why you can't remove yourself from the delivery process.

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Have you ever felt like you just can't seem to remove yourself from the delivery aspect of what you do for your clients? If so, you've probably looked at your numbers and looked at how many hours you spend on each client and realize that despite how much money you're making, you're really not all that profitable anyway and the people that you've had to hire it in order to help you even just get the tiniest bit of relief are super expensive. If that's what you've noticed in your business, the likelihood is that your service delivery is just way too custom to even be scalable. So when you got started in your business and you said, you know, it'd be great to have a business that can help me get to this revenue number, but in reality, the business model you've created for yourself and the way that you do custom work and how you deliver that right now won't even position you to ever reach that number.

And if you do, it's going to require a lot of really talented, highly skilled people. Now hiring highly skilled and talented people is not bad, but when everything you do is custom, it can become really difficult to scale your business because every time you get a new client and what they want is different from the next. The type of person that you need to help you remove yourself from delivery is likely to be different. So you're always looking for that next skill set or that next layer of expertise that you can hire out just to get the next project done. And after a while it probably just becomes really tiring and you're looking at your business and you probably just feel like an employee in all of your clients' businesses anyway. And really all you're offering to them is doing the work that someone should be doing inside the organization.

So here's the thing, as long as your service is custom, as long as the new client that you get tells you what you should be doing to help them, you're always going to essentially be a glorified freelancer, right? You're always going to have difficulty scaling your business up unless you're charging astronomical rates. And let's not kid ourselves. For most service providers, you're already not charging enough. So charging what you're actually worth in order to pull this off. Doing all custom work is probably not going to happen anytime soon. If you're like most service providers, when you really sit down at home at night and you're thinking about your business and how you want to grow, you might even be saying, I don't even want to be a full service agency. I really just liked this one piece of my business and it turned into this thing bigger than that.

And now we have this full service menu. Look, I get it. If you want to scale your service business and really get to help clients transform, you need to help them transform to a specific outcome, right? So we need to package up all of your expertise to sell a specific outcome and create a repeatable process to help your clients get that result. And here's the kicker. Do it in a way where you can actually remove yourself from delivery by having people, by having process and having boundaries on how you deliver your service to get your clients the results. So escaping custom projects, escaping the long sales cycles that come along with the back and forth of sending in proposals all can go away when you simply start to package up your services and sell them and deliver them like a product. And in order to do that, you need to sell these specific outcome.

And when you sell a specific outcome, you can actually identify exactly the type of people that you will need time and time again over and over and over again to deliver that work for you and for your clients where you won't sacrifice those client results. And you can finally step out of the day to day operations of your business. So if you're ready to finally escape the one-on-one custom projects and make your service business more scalable, then I'd like to invite you to our free Facebook group called the scalable service provider. Uh, there's a link below in the comments and each and every week we're sharing tips and strategies on how to more effectively sell your service, like a product, deliver it and streamline that process so that you, the owner, can remove yourself from the day to day operations. It is possible, my friend, we're here to help you and if you're ready to escape the one on one customer service game and go from full service provider to specialist in demand, then click the link below. Join our group and we'll see you there.


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