The Top Reason Small Agencies Struggle With Sales

If you're closing less than 20% of your sales calls, procrastinating on getting out those proposals to those new prospects in your pipeline and just slow to get new clients started...

You're likely self-sabotaging your sales.

Most people don't even recognize they are guilty of this when selling their agency services...

So if you're not getting new clients and increasing your revenue, watch now to see if this is the reason you're holding yourself back.

Transcript / MP3

What's going on guys, in this video, I want to break down the number. One reason that I actually see agency owners and freelancers struggling with sales conversations. Let's get it going. Welcome back guys. Greg Hickman here with alt and I just wanted to share a simple concept that I think is actually often overlooked when it comes to why agency owners, service providers like yourself might actually be struggling inside of the sales process. So let's look at kind of the sales process at a very high level. ...


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