The 2 Biggest Mistakes Digital Agencies Make That Prevent Growth

These 2 things are guaranteed to keep you either broke, stuck or struggling…

I know, cuz I’ve ignored these 2 things in the past myself so I’ve seen it firsthand.

Believe me, it’s lethal.

About a month ago I got to spend 3 days on a houseboat with some awesome entrepreneurs and we each had time on the “hotseat”.

For 60-90 minutes we each got insight, advice, and ideas from the group on our biggest and most pressing issues.

It’s events like these where you don’t hear people talking about funnels, Facebook ads, chatbots etc…

We talk about hiring, systems, financials, training your team, process, etc.

As each entrepreneur had their turn, I was reminded of 2 critical things that separate the successful from the struggling.

1. Hitting Targets
2. Doing the boring work

In today's’ episode, I’ll break down these 2 things in more detail and how you should avoid them...unless you want to stay stuck...then just skip this video.

​Transcript / MP3

What's good everybody. In this episode, I want to talk about the two biggest mistakes that I see agency owners making when trying to add on a more leveraged revenue stream like training or workshops or coaching and consulting....

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