Marketing Funnels Aren’t Enough

Marketing funnels aren't enough.

Yes, they are powerful and important for your business.

Yes, you should have one.

But, the way most people teach building marketing funnels is broken. You see, most marketing funnels are dead ends.

Meaning if leads don't take the desired action in a certain window of time, they're considered lost and maybe they get an email broadcast every so often.

In this video, I share a study that shows a majority of the buyers in your funnel won't buy for 18-24 months.

So, having a dead-end funnel is the equivalent to a leaky bucket. You can keep pouring water in it but it's leaking out the side and super wasteful.

So, yes you need a marketing funnel. But it's no longer an advantage. In fact, if you don't have one it's a disadvantage.

It's time to evolve from marketing funnel to client journey experience.

No leads falling through the cracks.

Maximize the value of every lead in your system.

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If all you've been thinking about is designing a marketing funnel, I'm here to tell you that marketing funnels are not enough, right? Most people design, marketing funnels a very short sided with the quick sell in mind. I'm not just now not trying to say that you shouldn't design a funnel with the immediate sale in mind because some prospects are going to be very ready to buy, but statistically most or not, I was actually just listening to a podcast not too long ago by the famous Dean Jackson. If you haven't heard of him, definitely check out his podcast, more cheese, less whiskers. And he shared a study that I'm going to break down for you right now that really showcases why, um, you need to think about marketing funnels not as getting to the quick sale but as a client journey experience that is designed for both the short game and the long game at the same time.

So let's look at this. So Dean shared that, um, there are going to always be people that will buy now and that will buy later. So this side will be now the side will be later and in the study now is defined by within the next 90 days and later it was in the next 18 to 24 months. All right. And they're always going to be the clients over here that will buy and there's always going to be some that won't buy. Right. Makes Sense. But the fascinating part of the study showed that, um, statistically you'll have, um, say if you generate a hundred leads, you'll have 50% 50% of those 100 leads, Aka 50 leads. So we're just going to say 50. It's basically both sides here. We'll never invest in a solution to this problem, not now and not later. And that means invest in the solution at all, not even with you.

Right? So your marketing attracted this lead for some specific problem and uh, you're obviously speaking to that in your marketing funnel. So if your funnel comes in is only focused on the, now even the people that do buy of the 50 that don't, they won't even invest in with anybody likely statistically to a solution to that problem. Now obviously on the flip side, there are people that will buy. So of the 50 leads that are left, we have obviously some of those are going to buy now and some of those going to buy later. And what the study found was that 15%, which would be 15% of 50 will invest in it in a solution to their problem within the next 90 days. Again, not necessarily with you, the fact that they're in your funnel increases your odds, but 15% of the people coming into your world for the problem that you solve, we'll invest with you.

Uh, uh, we'll invest in a, in the solution within the next 90 days, right? Which leaves 85% that are going to invest in the solution to that problem within the next 18 to 24 months. Now, most marketing funnels, the lead comes in and if they don't buy, right, so here's the sale. If they decide not to buy, they hit a brick wall, right? They hit a big red brick wall. And most marketers out there today actually are okay with that and they are leaving tons and tons and tons of money on the table, which is why there's tremendous opportunity if you stop focusing on just a marketing funnel and focus on an entire client journey experience because guess what? Not everyone's going to move as fast as you'd like. And statistically, not everyone's even ready to invest in the solution within the first 90 days. Your funnel should be designed to generate that sale quickly, but also needs to play into account or keep an account, a contingency plan.

How do you stay engaged with those people? Where your top of mind as it relates to the, to the problem and your solution state is top of mine for when they're ready, increasing the odds of them buying with you. Now, if you want to learn how to do this, uh, this is what we do with our clients. But if you want to kind of get a high level of the frameworks and systems and learn more about how you can think about client journey experiences versus just being one funnel away from the rest of the marketing stuff that you actually need and sales stuff you actually need. Join our free Facebook group, the scalable service provider. You can click the link below a hop on in there. Uh, join us, asks, ask questions, introduce yourself. We're always sharing, uh, strategies, frameworks, and new sinking in ways to help you, the service provider become more scalable and hit the business goals and objectives that you'd like so that you can live with the type of life that you want. We hope to see you in there. Talk soon.


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