Upselling Clients – Make More From Each Client

The best way to increase LTV (Life Time Value) is to take an existing client and turn them into a repeat client.

AKA “Have an upsell.”

An upsell that increases LTV will:

  • Insulate you from the costs of paid traffic
  • Increase MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
  • Stack client success upon client success

“But Greg, what goes into creating an upsell?” I hear you ask.

Before you can increase LTV you need clients.

And, unless you want to be stuck fulfilling 1:1 with your clients — every whim, every creep of scope, every custom proposal — you’re going to need a repeatable “core” offer.

The core offer = step 1.

Upsells come after.

Download the workbook I mentioned from the video here: