My Top Business Lessons Since Starting My Youtube Channel

My Top Business Lessons Since Starting My Youtube Channel

Now, I have more than 100 videos but this was my 100th after my official "reboot" if you can call it that.

Anyway, I polled our free facebook group and asked them what I should talk about for the 100th episode and it was THIS!

Since launching the channel, so many amazing things have happened to me and our business.

It's helped in more ways than I can imagine.

But, I also had a few false starts.

That being said, I've learned a lot and boiled it down into my top 10 learning lessons.

Transcript / MP3

Hey, what's going on, buddy. Greg Hickman here with all And I'm going to break down some business lessons, the top 10 business lessons that I've learned now that I've reached 100 YouTube videos. So a little bit different content normally, but if you're not yet subscribed to be sure to click that subscribe button, because we release a video every single Thursday on helping you reimagine, grow systematize and automate your agency. So let's dive right in...


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