10x Is Easier Than 2X | Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency

In our Academy program, we recently read the book “10x is Easier than 2X” written by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. It’s great, highly recommend picking it up.

And, I think some of its principles are probably going to be relevant to you.


Thanks to certain “hustle” gurus, the phrase “10X” has come to be associated with DOING MORE.

Hustling and grinding and waking up at 5 am for cold showers.

(Good luck with that, if you’re a grown adult with a family.)

But when you take a look at what the book actually says, growing 10x can actually mean doing LESS.

In this video, I wanted to share my top takeaways from this book as it relates to building a modern-day agency — as we call it - an AltAgency.