If You’re Feeling STUCK in Your Agency, WATCH THIS

Feeling trapped by the agency you've built? Or maybe you've fallen out of love with your creation because of where you are in life right now?

Well, you're in luck. I just got back from our fantastic agency retreat with our clients in Arizona. We spent two and a half days diving deep into their businesses, breaking down bottlenecks, and unlocking new levels of potential. 

And guess what?

I'm bringing you inside a powerful session that lays down a framework tailored to build a business you’ll love—one that works with your lifestyle, vision, and dreams.

I’ll be sharing insights on designing a business that serves YOU first, which then allows you to build the perfect team, products, and client base.

This exercise is essential whether you’re launching new products, adjusting to a new life season, or planning aggressive growth.

So go ahead and watch today's episode—it’s all about creating a sustainable business you’re passionate about.


0:00 Intro 

0:57 Why You Need This Framework 

2:15 Personal Impact and Alignment 

3:22 Design a Business That Supports You 

4:21 Clarify Your Vision

 5:34 Assembling the Right Team 

7:19 Crafting Your Product Delivery 

9:42 Choosing the Right Clients 

11:42 Consistent Recalibration

Ready to elevate your agency game? Dive in and start designing a business that's built to last and makes you excited every day!