Art of Paid Traffic Interview: 7 Funnel Campaigns Every Online Business Needs

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I recently did a podcast with my good friend Rick Mulready on his podcast The Art Of Paid Traffic and we talk a whole lot about marketing funnels.

If you’re looking to truly automate your sales and marketing process so that leads are turning into sales on auto-pilot, then you have to pay attention to all of the things we discuss in this episode.

I breakdown the exact funnels/systems that we’ve implemented for our private clients (Rick being one of them). 🙂

Heads up this is a big episode. There is a lot of information to process/digest. You should listen to this a few times and take notes!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • My 7 systems that every online business should have (or be working toward) set up
  • Why successful sales funnels fuel the customer life cycle journey
  • Where each of my systems fits into your own online sales funnels
  • How some tools and software work “synergistically” with one another and why this has an impact on your funnel results
  • What you can do to build relationships with leads who don’t buy right away
  • How long a successful email follow up sequence should be
  • The number of emails and specific times you should send them if you’re looking to optimize your follow-up sequence
  • And a lot more…

I hope you enjoy the episode! Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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