9 Reasons You Should Charge More (and by more I mean be premium)

1. You’ll generate cash faster which allows you to re-invest in the business. Meaning you can grow faster (while not living on ramen noodles…been there done that…#overit)

2. Charging less = Less likely your clients finish / follow through to get their desired result. What’s Worse…You don’t have the margin to get involved to do what it takes to help clients succeed. Fact: The current course completion rate is like 5%. People ALREADY aren’t getting results ( Carrie Rose can confirm this #). If there is no margin in your offer to help people, they waste money, they don’t get the result and you look like a goof.

3. The lower priced your offer is = the more ninja you need to be with your marketing. (if you charge premium you have some forgiveness with paid traffic and room to make some mistakes)

4. The more ninja you need to be with your marketing = the more shiznit you need to do to set things up and track #complex #youdidittoyourself

5. The more shiznit you need to do = the more time it takes to get things live

6. The longer it takes to get live = the longer it takes for you to get results/feedback

7. The longer it takes to get to results/feedback = the longer it takes to know what is working and what is not

8. When you don’t know if it’s working and it’s complex = it becomes harder to automate.

9. The longer it takes to automate = the longer you’re doing a lot of manual stuff, living launch to launch, hunting, prospecting in that feast or famine mode.

I can probably keep going but I’ll stop there.

Long story short

>>> Charge more.
>>> It’s the right thing to do because your clients will be more likely to succeed and you’ll not hate your life
>>> You can still create leverage and scalability if DESIGNED CORRECTLY.


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