The 2 Jobs of Marketing

There are two jobs of marketing.

Literally, only two.

The problem today is that it's gotten a lot more difficult to take prospects from cold to sold, right?

This why you've heard people get into that never-ending debate of “webinars are dead”.

And really what it ends up being is — no, webinars aren't dead.

Webinars are a great way to sell and convert people.

If your messaging is on point cuz you know your avatar so well (and the economics work out) ... you can still go from cold into a webinar which drives into an application and even a sale.

So we need to understand what the two jobs of marketing are and that you know your marketing specifically to...

1. Educate the prospect
2. Invite them to take the next step

Grab a pen and some paper, we're about to dive in deeper

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What's good everybody.

It's your boy. Gregory J. Hickman.

Yep. I went with Gregory today. Just felt like it. It's a Friday, uh, that at the time of recording this, uh, even though I know you guys get this on Thursdays or Tuesdays, I don't even know which state you're going to get this, but I bashed record y'all. So that's how we do this damn thing.In this episode, I want to talk about the two jobs of marketing.

Literally, the only two jobs that your marketing needs to have.

All right y'all. So the two jobs of marketing that we have today really come into play when we look at a big problem that is currently happening in the market.

So pulling out my iPad here, I'm going to talk through this as well. You're listening, but the real problem today is that it's gotten a lot more difficult to take prospects from cold to sold, right?

People that have never heard of you before and getting them to buy your programs products, right?

This is in part why you've heard people get into that never-ending debate of webinars are dead.

And really what it ends up being is no, webinars aren't dead.

Webinars are a great way to sell and convert people.

But for some, it's just not the best or most cost-effective way to convert cold traffic. To go from a complete stranger to, "hey, watch my webinar to buy".

So a lot of it comes down to messaging.

If your messaging is on point, you know your avatar so well and depending upon what you're selling, the economics work out ... you can still go from cold into a webinar which goes into an application and even a sale.

Or cold into a webinar into buying a course.

So it's still possible if it's not working for you or it has become more difficult.

It's probably because your marketing isn't doing these two jobs right.

So we need to understand what the two jobs of marketing are and that you know your marketing specifically to

1. Educate the prospect

2. Invite them to take the next step

Grab a pen and some paper, we're about to dive in deeper

And when it comes to the education and the invitation to your prospects, what you're really doing is preselling, right? This is where you hear preselling the customer or what I say is, you know, prime near prospect. There needs to be a dialogue that you're having lives inside of your marketing that is actually helping to presale your prospects. And when you presale, what you're doing is educating them and then inviting them. So what I want to do in this episode is kind of dive a little bit deeper into, um, really what that looks like, right? So let's look at educate first. All right, so what does it mean to educate your prospects or your leads in the marketplace? And so this is where you have to show up or how do you do it? Rather provide value to the market, right? Um, this can come through. Trainings, can come from content and come from videos or a podcast like this show, right? In this show, I am teaching a lot. I'm teaching you guys how to think now. It's not just teaching, um, you know, the, the specific steps so much. Um, but I'm really teaching you what you need to know, what you need to know.

So in your marketing, where are you teaching your leads and prospects? What they need to. Uh, I've often think of an example, a buddy of mine, um, who, you know, one of the common objections they get, uh, in this happens to a lot of people selling high ticket is that, you know, I don't have the money and I'm like 100% against credit, right? And so they go out there and they have a lot of content and training on like, why credit is not a bad thing or when credit is a bad thing. How to think about credit, right? Because they know that some of their prospects probably are gonna run into this and now they can point people to that content and they start pre selling before someone ever even gets on the phone. Like they are now rethinking how they think about this. And credits are for their business, right?

Tons of different, you know, uh, ways to kind of parallel this into your world. We're not going to go into that today, but really in what you're doing is you're pushing the hot button, right? You're pushing their hot buttons, you're getting them to rethink what they believe to be true right now. Uh, and you are sharing, you know, sharing information that's going to help them maybe shift their common beliefs, right. Push hot buttons. And I think of these as like pressure points. I had this buddy of mine growing up, his name is nick and I'm taller than him. He's probably was stronger than me. Um, but he was always kind of like sometimes call them or I didn't, we'll call them the peanut. I did. Um, but he was really good. Like read all these books and like knew all these pressure points like always grabbed me right here.

It's crazy pressure point right here. And he knew like 100 pressure and he just like get me in one of these pressure points and I'd like literally fall down crying and it would hurt and really hit on that pain. It was like the subtle, sometimes even subtle pressure to these specific spots and like I crumbled. Right. And a lot of your marketing and your messaging is really just finding those subtle points in your prospect's life or situation and applying pressure on them to expose the, expose the pain, expose the problem that they see for themselves, why they are not where they want to be, right? That is a part of the selling, right? So you need to teach them what they need to know. And then the last piece of education that I want to cover is how do you get your client or your PR, your lead or your prospect to say, um, you know, what's my next step, right?

Or how do I do that? That's what you really want them to saying. How do I do that? And ideally, what's my next step? Right? What's my next step? If you have your prospects so engaged that they're left saying to themselves or saying to you, Hey Greg, what's my next step? Like how do I move forward? They've now started a conversation, right? And as you've probably heard me say before, if you watching something or listening to our episodes, conversions happen in conversation. So by educating, bringing someone, teaching them what they need to know, oftentimes you are going to bring them to the state of them asking, how do I move forward? Which brings us to the second invite, right? How do we invite them to the next step? Right? And so you gotta make it easy, make it easy to take the next step, right?

How many times have said someone come to you that could be a good prospect and you make them start jumping through all of these crazy are kind of unnecessary based on the path that they already took, right? Um, you've got to figure out how to make your invitations easy. So if we're in a chat, commerce might've been me if we've talked like, hey, like the next step is to schedule a call, um, and see if we're a good fit. Click this link and schedule, answer a couple questions and then we'll hop on the phone, right? So for, for us, you know, we sell, um, you know, higher ticket programs and so we want to get them to a strategy session, um, or like a brainstorm call. So once we've educated in and they're asking us, well, what's my next step? Well mister or Mrs Prospect, like based on what you're telling me, the next step is to, to get on the phone. Like, let's see if we can help or what's my next step if they're not qualified is hey, like you should go watch this video, right? Or You should go watch this training or you should go buy this other person's course. Cause that's what salt, that's what will solve your problem. How do you, it's like I'm trying to draw an arrow.

So educate, we want to provide value to the market, teach them what they need to know, push hot buttons and apply those pressure points. Like my friend Nick used to do, uh, get them to the point where they're saying either how do I do that or what's my next step? In which point they've given you permission to invite them onto the next step. And you just got to make that next step easy. Um, and so like, think about yourself as a leader, right? Um, you know, I'm going to kind of freestyle this a little bit at this point, like go off off the IPAD, but um, the goal of preselling or priming is really to like lead people to a place where in consuming your marketing, engage, engaging with you, watching videos like this that they'd be saying things like, I'd be stupid to not do, do business with this person when I'm ready to get that problem.

Right? Like, like we have some people that have clients that have came, came to us, that have been following us for a year and we were the only logical decision for them because they've been following and consuming our content. They like your style. They know that we can help them through demonstrating at time and time again. We get on the phone and it actually turns out to be a good fit and boom, now we can move forward and have a conversation. Right? So your goal of your marketing is to educate them, move them to the point where they're saying, how can I do this? Or how do I move forward with you? Then you can invite them, right? So those are really the two jobs of marketing. If your marketing isn't doing either one of those, that's probably why you feel like you're on like this content hamster wheel, just creating content for a piece of content and it's not actually moving the needle, right?

So is your content educating them on what they need to know? Um, and are you inviting them to take the next step. Now, one thing about education that I think, uh, many people and myself included get wrong or did get wrong while ago and sometimes fall into is if all of your content is only teaching, like teaching how to, oftentimes you might be teaching them to not need you because they're going to feel like they can piece together everything that you are sharing and just do it themselves, right? So a lot of times I'm sharing you sharing with you frameworks and stuff like that, but I haven't really like the, the depth that I can take you on some of the stuff that I'm sharing with you, these videos, man, I can go so much deeper with checklists and we have systems already prebuilt for a lot of these nature. A whole lot easier for me to go do that on all of these videos. Like would it be overwhelming? Right? So don't teach for teaching sake and don't teach everything, right? MMM. One of my mentors talking more said, uh, you got to show them the, the knowhow. Show them that you have the knowhow, right? No. How has it k n o w and don't show them how. Right? So bring back my iPad real fast. The same goes no. How not, Huh? Yeah. Right.

Basically, I think I just botched that. How? No, how, right? So k n o w how is the right way to teach? Show them that you have the knowhow, but do it in a way where you don't show them the how, right? Like, and by that how it's like step by step. Is this making sense? Let me know if this is making sense. Drop a comment below. Uh, because a big part of your marketing is that education into invitation, education, yes, mutation and all of the stuff that you're doing should tie into exactly what you do. The problem that you solve for your people and going out into the market, applying the pressure points in the right place is at the right time. Bringing those people to, having that conversation with themselves where they're asking you, how can you help? Right? How can you help me?

Cool, let's hop on a strategy. So that's how this whole thing works. You got up frame your marketing to be in a position where you are preselling and priming for prospects to move them to them. Ob found this episode, uh, helpful and useful. If so, show me some love. We would love a an appreciates that that's your payment to us. A rating in iTunes and description on youtube. And if you have questions, my comment there, all the links and stuff mentioned to previous episodes will be linked up in the show notes. Be Low. And uh, until then you guys stay systemized and we'll talk to you in the next episode.

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