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In this episode, I break down what you can expect from this show.

Just a little bit of a teaser of what type of topics we are going to be covering, why should you care, and who really, who should be listening who shouldn’t.

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What’s good, everybody. Greg Hickman here and welcome to the scalable podcast. Now in this episode I would really want to break down what you can expect from this show. Just a little bit of a teaser of what type of topics are we going to be covering, why should you care, and who really, who should be listening who shouldn’t. So how about before we jump into all that, let’s just cue the intro and get this thing rolling. For three years, my agency built funnels and automation systems for the biggest names in marketing today since then have transformed that agency into a hyper profitable training and consulting business. While everyone is out there and talking about scale like it’s some sort of destination, we’ll be asking the real question, how do you transform your business into a more scalable model using the knowledge, skills and expertise that you already have? This podcast is here to give you the answer. Join me and follow along as I learned, apply and share the strategies I’m using to build my multimillion dollar business. My name is Greg Hickman and welcome to scale up.

All right guys, welcome back. And so here’s the deal. Episode Zero, typically all the podcasts, you know, I’ve done a handful of podcasts in my day and episode zero is really just to like set the foundation so you guys know what to expect. The teaser, if you will. This is where you get to decide, hey, like am I going to dig this show or am I not? And so, um, real quick, some some homework, not homework, some, uh, housekeeping, right? You can tune in on youtube or you can tune in through audio channels. Sometimes I’ll be drawing on my tablet and things like that. So you’ll probably want to check out some videos, but I’ll do my best to, uh, you know, talk you through anything that I’m doing. So if you’re a kind of that audio only type of person that does still rocks your world.

So here’s the deal. Scalable. You’re probably curious, checking it out. You’re like, is this gonna be another show where I’m interviewing and do all that stuff? There’s really not going to be any interviews here. This is more of a open the Kimono. Oh, come on my journey and let me share the things that I’ve learned as we’ve made a huge transition in our business from um, you know, agency done for you custom projects, services to launching our own training and consulting business that we are in the process of growing to $1 million and beyond. And I’m just going to kind of bring you on a journey, a lot of lessons I’ve learned. We’ve invested in a lot of different training and coaches and there’s been a lot of ups and definitely a lot of downs. So we’re going to talk about all those things and things that you can be applying in your business to make your business more scalable.

So let’s quickly uncover this whole thing about scalable and scale. So, uh, to do that, what I want really want to talk about right now is the fact that, uh, people look at, um, scale as it some sort of destination, right? And you can’t really scroll through, you know, Facebook without, you know, scene like, hey, here’s how to grow a multiple six figure business, a seven figure business, eight your business, whatever. And it’s very easy to sync that because we’re chasing some of these numbers that scale is actually a destination, but scale is not a destination. My friends, right? And often times what I’ve found personally and in our client’s business and even in my peers in the groups and coaches that I’ve worked with, oftentimes the goals that we’ve set out for ourselves require us to change and expand and increase our capacity in order to be able to hit those goals anyway.

Right? And so that’s what I start thinking about when I think of scalability, right? Why the show is called scalable because we have these goals, whether it be revenue or team size or number of clients, or maybe it’s, you know, uh, in, in our health it’s weight or body fat or whatever you’re working on, right? We have these goals and oftentimes the way we are set up, our business is structured or how we set up our days or weeks, our teams, we’re not even set up to be able to achieve those goals. So we have to make some changes. And this podcast is all about what sort of changes do we need to be making? How do we need to evolve? How do we need to innovate? How do we need to use technology and what strategies to increase our capacity as entrepreneurs to be able to hit those goals?

Right? And so again, right now the problem that I see in the marketplace as people are talking about scale, like it’s some sort of destination when in reality, the way that they do things right now or the remodel or things like that aren’t designed in a way that will even allow them to hit those goals. Thus they are not scalable. You can’t scale if you are not scalable. And so in the early days, you know, if we look back, um, you know, to the famous, not famous, but well I guess in some cases they’re famous, but the books like scaling up, right? One of my favorite scaling up, um, they basically in the early days talk about, uh, scaling up means increasing size, right? And to make an increase in the size, whether that’s in money or number of clients, you know, if it’s in your own life, maybe it’s something like wait, you know, the categories can go on, but scale up typically means increase in size.

And over the last few years you’ve started to see a transition in like what does scaling up actually mean? And that definition has, has kind of evolved to include things like being able to easily expand, right? So if your scalable or you’re scaling up easily expand, um, in proportion are in a proportional way, personal way, uh, and usually in a profitable way, right? Oftentimes I see a lot of, especially service based businesses, agencies, they’re increasing their revenue, but they’re not actually increasing their profitability. And so as they keep doing that, they just start to feel more stress and headaches and they’re not actually making any more money. You’re taking home any more money as the, because of how they’re structured and things like that. So if you want to be able to easily grow your business or started to start to scale up, I want you to start thinking about how can you increase your own capacity, uh, and ability to take on more in a more profitable and leveraged way.

That’s what this show is all about. And so, um, what we’re going to be talking about on this show, um, is strategies, lessons and things that you could be applying in your business to kind of start to make that transition to moving your business into a more scalable model, um, scale things that you may be doing in and around your life that will impact your business. Because what I’ve found, at least for the goals that we’ve set for ourselves and in our business, like we want to create more impact. We want to have, uh, you know, more revenue. We want to be able to serve more clients, but we’re not set up in a way to actually do that. And as we start trying to do that, if we’re not structured correctly, things start to break. And that’s where we retreat back into what’s comfortable and what we know.

And that actually is a zone of where we just get, you know, a comfort zone and not in a position where we’re challenged to grow. And so scalability nowadays to me is how can we help you grow your business in a more profitable, predictable way, right? Um, now does that mean that it’s going to be easy? Absolutely not. If, if it were easy, everyone would obviously be doing it, right? So for me personally, um, what I’ve found is if you want to grow in certain areas, oftentimes you actually need to focus on other areas. So for example, if you’re super struggling in your business right now, which there have been times where I’ve been struggling in my business, um, sometimes it makes sense to look over and like, hey, how am I showing up as a father? Or how am I showing up as, you know, a husband or a friend to, you know, my friends and family.

Like, oftentimes there’s correlation in like, Hey, well if you’re being crappy over there, no, no, obviously you’re going to be struggling in your business. And when you start solving some of those other things, you actually start to see the results in your business. So it’s, the show is about increasing your scalability, your capacity, expanding as an entrepreneur in multidimensions, not just focused on your business. Because if all you care about is your business, you’re going to lose a lot of those other things and your business will actually suffer a at the same time. And so one of the things that was said to me that, uh, actually is, um, something that I want to share with you is this notion or a quote rather, that I heard from a mentor of mine. And let me quickly bring up my iPad here cause I want to share, uh, share this quote because this quote is kind of a key driver behind this show. And so what one of my mentors a few years ago said, your business will never exceed your own capacity as on as an entrepreneur. So let me say that again. Your business will never exceed your own capacity as an entrepreneur.

Oops, spelled that wrong. Entre Pran or right and pay guys, don’t gut check me on my spelling. I’m not the greatest speller. So look, your business will never exceed your own capacity as an entrepreneur. So for me, this journey started. Um, I was building a team at an agency around building sales funnels and marketing automation for some of the biggest names in online entrepreneurship, many of which you still probably follow people like John Lee Dumas, uh, Chris Ducker, Dan Martell, uh, and many more. We’ll talk about those types of people that we’ve served, if that even matters to you right now. But we were behind the scenes, we were in the trenches doing the work, custom projects, all of that stuff. And we’ve made the pivot to building a more leveraged, um, online consulting and training business, helping other service based entrepreneurs, other, uh, agency owners make that transition themselves from essentially being a, uh, you know, behind the scenes of either a big name or, you know, having a handful of clients where you can only handle so many because you’re doing everything done for you to that model that’s more scalable, more leveraged where you can work with many clients at the same time.

And so that’s what we were able to do. And this podcast is going to be about the journey, the lessons that I’ve learned in making that transition and also the things that we’re going to continue to learn and apply in our own business along the way. So I’m not saying that I have all of the answers all of the time. By no means am I saying that, but, uh, this podcast is about sharing what we’re doing, literally bringing you behind the scenes. Um, I’ve had a couple of podcasts in the past where I’ve kind of brought people on these sorts of journeys and, and they seem to help because you know, people that are in the trenches that are actually making it happen, they get a real like real life look at what it actually takes. And believe me, I’m going to be sharing the ups and the downs.

Um, we’ve mapped out a lot of episodes for the show already and some of them, you know, are going to be like, man, like that was a tough lesson. At least you could avoid that. Now moving forward. So, um, we’re going to be covering things like systems, right? I know they’re not sexy, but it’s actually what’s going to set you free. And we’re going to look at systems around the areas of your business that are going to help you grow a lead generation, lead, nurture, uh, sales, marketing, um, fulfillment, right retention and upsell, like kind of the core pieces of a business. We’re also gonna look at how that applies into other areas of your life. Because again, in order to increase your capacity as an entrepreneur, we need to go beyond being one dimensional and only focused on our business and actually become multidimensional, right?

Especially if you’re making a transition from someone that does technical implementation work, like an agency owner, like we were to becoming an actual CEO and a leader. You’re going to be building a little bit of a team. Uh, we believe in a lean and mean core team, but you’re going to have to learn how to lead people and you know, you’re going to run through challenges. I know we have hiring sales people, hiring new, you know, new fulfillment team, all of those things, the challenges and the journey that I’ve been on to make the transition to where we’re at now. And so continue on building our, uh, what will eventually be a multimillion dollar business. We’re not there yet, but that’s the journey that we’re on, right? We’re on the path. Um, and so look, this show is here for you if you want to grow and expand your business.

And, and your life. And a while, I will probably bring in some, some awesome guests and interviews from time to time. This is a deep dive look following what we’re doing in our business to make that transition. So if you’re an agency owner, if you’re a service provider and maybe you’re not happy, you know, only being behind the scenes, maybe you work for one company and you want to kind of go out on your own and build your own company, like this is gonna be a great show for you. Right? And if you’re an agency and you have a bunch of clients and you decided that maybe that’s not the model for you and you want to build something that’s more leveraged, more scalable, more one to many, you’re going to, you know, really jive with what we’re talking about. Cause that’s the transition that we’ve been on.

If you’re really just looking for tips around how to use marketing automation and what systems to create, you’re still going to get tons of value from this show as well. Um, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about. Again, opening the Kimono, bringing you on this journey, uh, as, as we’re growing our business, the ups, the downs, as transparent as we can possibly be and we hope you join us for the ride. I’ll talk a little bit about our story and you know, some background stuff, but I just want to make sure that you’re clear on what we’re going to be talking about, uh, as a part of this show. If you are enjoying the topic thus far and as you consume the next couple episodes and listen in what we would really appreciate if you hop on over to iTunes or Spotify or Google play, wherever you’re listening and leave us a rating or review.

And if you’re watching on youtube, be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss an episode. There’s going to be episodes coming out every single week, about two episodes a week coming out here in the beginning stages of this podcast and we look forward to having you along for the ride. And that’s all I got for you in this episode. Stay tuned for the next episode, and we’re just going to dive right in to the training, the learning and the things that we’ve been doing in our business that have helped us really start a, make the transition from done for you into leverage from generalist to specialist, from unscalable to scalable, uh, and really starting to design a business that serves us, uh, and not the other way around. If you’re ready to ride along, let’s do this.

Greg Hickman

Greg Hickman

CEO & Lead Mentor

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