The Ugly Truth About Success

What does success look like for you? What does it feel like?

I've had a lot of ups and downs in business and not too long ago I felt like I was losing a race I didn't even know I entered...

That's when I learned the ugly truth about success.

If you don't define success for yourself, you'll blindly adopt someone else's.

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We live in a world where pretty much everybody's highlight reel is broadcast on the internet. And very quickly you

Can create a definition of success. Well, in this video, I want to break down the ugly truth about success, because I had to learn the hard way

What's going on, guys, Greg here, and welcome back. And, uh, I want to do a little something a little bit different today and talk about success. Something that, you know, in the last video I talked about how things have changed and evolved for myself. My mindset, now that


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