Should agencies offer coaching?

If you’ve been wanting to add a high ticket consulting or coaching program within (or alongside) your agency services and you just can’t picture how it will work for you...this is for you.

It’s super interesting when we get an agency owner that comes to us wanting to make a change in how they deliver their work. 

They are burnt out selling their time-for-money and exhausted on the fulfillment hamster wheel that comes with serving their clients. 

Then they hear me talk about productizing or adding a consulting offering that’s more done-with-you and they say “I want that but I just don’t know how it will work for ME!!!!”. 

Well, I put together a video where I share the ONE question you really need to ask before moving forward. 

Getting clear on this in my business unlocked our growth allowing us to double our revenue and profit in less than 10 months. 

Watch now.

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Do you offer a time consuming and, or a customized services in your agency, and you're stuck wondering how the heck am I going to even offer or package up a done with you experience like a productized service or coaching and consulting? Well, in this video, I want to actually break down and give you the one question that you should be asking yourself about productizing, your service offering and, or adding a consulting offering to your agency. ...

Now, um, before I jump in, if this is you and you've been hung up on this and like, you just can't comprehend how this will work for you. I want you to private message me. And I'm going to put you in contact with either myself or one of the advisors on our team to brainstorm with you on a call, how this might actually work for you, because you're going to get in your own way. So private message me if this is you and you just can't get past, like, not understanding this, but if that's the case, I want to share this quote. That is actually from a book by, uh, John Maxwell. And the book is called how successful people think. And in that book, there is a quote from, uh, from John Maynard Keynes and he's, uh, an economist. And he basically made this quote that said the difficulty lies, not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from the old ones.

And it really resonated with me when I read this because in my own agency, when we were stuck, I spent tons of time trying to figure out exactly what my offering was going to be and keep my existing legacy clients that it prevented me from actually moving forward in getting any clients in quote unquote, any new way. And so it was only when I decided to stop worrying about the current way of doing things and focusing on, uh, like escaping the old way that I was able to move forward. And so it kind of really resonated with me in this quote. And he says the difficulty lies, not so much in developing new ideas as an escaping from the old ones. So when it comes to you and your agency and your services, you might be in this position where you know that you have a capacity problem and you know that you need to make a change.

And the thing that is now preventing you from moving forward, maybe it's within our program. Maybe it's just trying to implement it on your own. It doesn't matter is you can't see the new idea yet of how you'll take your existing skillset and or your services and productize them, or turn it into an offer that is done with you. Because all you can see is the current way of doing things that you believe that the thing your clients want is done for you. And I can promise you that, that that's not the case, but you're so hung up on what exactly the new thing is going to look like. And you can't see it. Cause if you could see it, you'd already have it that you're not even moving forward. And so my question to you is this, think about John Maynard Keynes, quote, the difficulty lies, not so much in developing new ideas as an escaping from the old ones.

So my question really to you is if you're stuck here in this situation right now, like you need to ask yourself, are you ready to escape your current way of doing things, which is the old way. If you're ready to escape the old way of doing things, time for money, customized services, time-consuming selling your labor. If you're ready to escape that, and you're committed to escaping that the new ideas will come and we can show you a step by step process to do that. So if that's you, like I said, private message me. Tell me a little bit about your business. And I'm a connect you with either myself and or a, an advisor on our team for a quick call, just to brainstorm no sales pitch. Just to see if we can help you really start to see some ideas because you're committed to escaping the old way, which is your current way. If that's you private message me and I look forward to chatting with you soon,


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