My Journey To A 7-Figure Year

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Well, we did it. We crossed the 7-figure mark in a year.

Apparently, only 3-4% of small businesses ever do that so we're pretty pumped to finally get there ourselves but...I'll be real with's been a journey.

So, I put together today's video breaking down how the journey looked.

I don't do this to brag in any way and honestly, I can see much clearer and bigger now.

But we came a long way.

We aren't one of those Facebook ads you see promising to get 7-figures in 8 months or any of that...cuz, was hard.

And I break down our revenue from 2017 to now.

You'll see some ups...and sometimes we went backward.

Which I think is more likely the real story for the majority.

But, the reason I'm sharing this is because looking back we've done some things right and some things wrong.

Check out the video so you can avoid the mistakes and learn my 4 key takeaways.

Transcript / MP3

In this video, I want to share some key lessons and takeaways from our seven figure year. So this year we were able to generate seven figures in revenue and cash collected in our business. And I want to share some things that you can apply to your business if you are trying to hit that goal yourself. So let's dive right in. ...

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