How We Coach Our Clients (Our Promise)

Some people hire coaches and think that by the action of hiring the coach their life will be different.

Then they don’t implement and complain about their lack of results.

Investing in a coaching and mentorship program involves two parties.

I get people all the time that say “well what sort of guarantee can you give me that I’ll get XYZ result”.

My response is “what sort of guarantee will you give me that you’ll do the work that matters?”

Tip - Anyone that says is likely going to be a horrible client to work with because they are looking for an out before they even get started. We usually don’t even work with people like that.

I want no part of it.

If you want to know what it’s like to work with me, you’ll probably want to know a bit about my “coaching style”.

Someone asked me about this in our free group recently and I thought it was a great question.

So, I put together this video walking you through what you can expect from myself and my team if we were to coach you.

Transcript / MP3

What's good, everybody. Greg Hickman here. And in this episode I want to break down how we coach and one of the members in our free Facebook group, the scalable service provider as soon to be renamed, depending upon when you're watching us, uh, which is linked up below, asked to for me to create an episode breaking down like how we coach. And I thought it was a really interesting question. Uh, and we have some coaching principles, some of which are our own, some of which we've adopted from other people we've worked with, mentors, et cetera, that okay. ...


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