Growing Your Consulting Business Comes with Trade Offs

When it comes to your fulfillment. You can’t be Good, Fast and Cheap.

There is always going to be a trade off and you won’t have all 3.

Which 2 will you choose?

When you have a problem you’re trying to solve, again you have to make a trade-off to get the solution you’re looking for.

You can solve it with:
Your Money
Your Time
Your Energy/Effort

In this video, I break down how you should think and approach the trade-offs with growing your business.

​Transcript / MP3

What's going on guys, Greg here and in this video actually want to bring you behind the scenes again into another training I did for our clients. Really breaking down the way in which we make commitments and then the three areas that we have call it currencies that we have available in order to pursue and chase the results that we want to get. So whether you're trying to hit a certain revenue number or you're trying to lose weight or launch a new program, whatever that is, there are really three areas that we need to commit to in order to get that result the fastest and with the most confidence. Yet the challenge with these three areas is in some way, shape or form, you will have to make a trade off and there will always be trade offs if you want to have a certain type of business while you're going to have to sacrifice and trade off doing other things in your life and or your business because you can't do everything all at once as you probably have experienced....


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