How I Designed My Business To Take Friday’s Off

If you're not taking time off to recharge, you're doing yourself, business, team, clients and family a disservice.

2020 had many re-evaluate how they spend their time and how much of it is spent working and or on personal things.

Some of that was by choice. Some of it was not.

When our daycare closed down temporarily I began taking Fridays off to watch our kids while my wife had Wednesdays and my in-laws helped out the other three.

I had to become more productive in those 4 working days which still didn't really exceed 8 hours. Ya know, parent life.

Well, when daycare re-opened I was in a groove. Our business was doing better than it ever had. We grew from 3 to 10 people and had our best year yet.

So for the last year+ I've taken Fridays off.

Here are my 5 key principles to make that happen for you.


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