From Working IN to ON Her Business – How Stephanie Completely Rethought Her Web Design Agency

Learn how Stephanie shifted her mindset, automated her processes, and freed herself up to be the CEO of her business.

The client

Stephanie Casey, based in New York, New York, ran a custom web design agency. She was exhausted from scope creep, custom proposals, and a lack of automation in her offerings.

The challenge

Before joining our program, Stephanie was overwhelmed and lacked the tools she needed to automate her business. Custom proposals and scope creep drained her energy, leaving her working in the business rather than on it.

How we helped

After joining our Foundations program, Stephanie shifted her mindset from custom solutions to productizing and automating her processes. She redefined her service offering, gaining clarity and confidence in her business direction.


Stephanie now works on her business rather than in it, allowing her to focus on expansion. Automation and productization freed her from delivery and let her step into her role as the CEO. She confidently drives her business forward, saying, “we’re directing the show, we are driving the boat.”

Achieve more, work less

Feel the freedom of a wildly profitable business and enjoy life on your terms

Easily the best investment I made in my business.

Chris Baylis