How Rob Moved His Clients from 1-on-1 Delivery to a Group Training Program in 90 Days

Discover how Rob successfully transitioned from exclusive one-on-one client sessions to a more efficient and beloved group training model, all within just 90 days.

The client

Rob is a personal development coach who was primarily delivering one-on-one sessions, which constrained his ability to scale and limited client interactions.

The challenge

Rob’s original one-on-one client service model was limiting his growth potential and scalability. The time-intensive nature of individual sessions was unsustainable for expanding his client base.

How we helped

We assisted Rob in designing a step-by-step curriculum using our Core Offer Roadmap™, which facilitated the transition to group consultations. Our Leveraged Delivery Formula™ was instrumental in structuring these sessions effectively, ensuring that all clients adapted to and embraced the new model.


The shift to group training not only optimized Rob’s operational efficiency but also enhanced client satisfaction. Clients now benefit from shared experiences and insights, while Rob enjoys a more scalable business model that allows for greater client capacity and profitability.

Achieve more, work less

Feel the freedom of a wildly profitable business and enjoy life on your terms

Easily the best investment I made in my business.

Chris Baylis