From $2k to $8k – How Joy and Juan Transformed Their Agency by Specializing

Discover how Joy and Juan Valdivia specialized their agency, increasing prices from $2k to $8k while offering less.

The client

Joy and Juan Valdivia, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, ran a design agency serving every type of business. They took on any work that came their way, often expanding beyond their expertise when clients asked for more.

The challenge

Joy felt like she had a job and wasn’t motivated to work with the clients they were getting. The broad scope of work was overwhelming and left them lacking confidence and direction. They needed to specialize and streamline their offerings.

How we helped

After joining our Foundations Program, Joy and Juan eliminated unnecessary elements from their offering and specialized in one type of client. They overcame their fear of narrowing their niche and packed up their services to create a more focused, confident direction.


With their specialized service offering, Joy and Juan increased their prices from $2k to $8k while offering less. They now have the confidence to take only the right clients and have found renewed motivation for their work.

Achieve more, work less

Feel the freedom of a wildly profitable business and enjoy life on your terms

Easily the best investment I made in my business.

Chris Baylis