From Client Calls On Weekends To Regaining Control Of His Business – Learn How Josh Has Upgraded His Business By Productizing and Systemizing His Client Experience

Discover how Josh Orr transformed his business model, moving from sporadic client calls on weekends to a streamlined, systematized client experience.

The client

Josh Orr, based in Texas, USA, initially built his agency to assist small retailers with setting up their point of sale systems. His commitment led him to travel extensively and handle client demands even during weekends, significantly affecting his personal and family life.

The challenge

Josh faced a critical realization when his business commitments caused him to miss significant personal events, prompting a reassessment of his business model. His service delivery was inefficient and unscalable, starting each project from scratch and trading too much time for money.

How we helped

After joining our program, Josh was introduced to the strategies necessary to transform his service delivery into a more structured and scalable system. We helped him map out a full sales process and delivery system, which allowed him to manage his business more effectively and handle client demands without compromising his personal life.


Josh’s implementation of systemized processes and a productized service offering marked a turning point in his business. He successfully reduced the need for extensive travel and irregular hours, and now enjoys a more predictable and manageable workflow. This has not only improved his professional life but also restored his ability to participate fully in his family life. The new business model has positioned his agency for sustainable growth and scalability.

Achieve more, work less

Feel the freedom of a wildly profitable business and enjoy life on your terms

Easily the best investment I made in my business.

Chris Baylis