Stop Overcomplicating Things (Some #RealTalk I Shared With My Clients)

Today's video is a bit different.

I'm bringing you inside one of our client coaching groups where I shared a message that many of our clients needed to hear.

It's a message that might just be the kick in the butt that you need.

That's the only reason i'm sharing it.


You are probably over complicating things...

And it's hurting you.


So...I said what I had to say as a coach and mentor to our clients.

We call these #realtalk or #toughlove moments.

Watch if you want a kick in the butt. (Warning: it's 28 minutes. Cuz that's how long the message needed to be)

Transcript / MP3

This one's going to be a tough love episode. Now, if you're new here, welcome, this is going to be an interesting episode to get started with, but if you're not sure of who we are, we coach and train agency owners. And I only say that because I want to give you context because the rest of this video is going to be the snippet that I pulled on a snippet, the whole call it motivational, pep talk, call it tough love, call it real talk that I shared with our clients, uh, in one of our private client communities, mainly because I see it over and over and over again, you're over complicating things. You are, our clients still do it. Sometimes we still do it, but our clients pay us to call them out on their stuff and tell them when they are getting in their own way.


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