How Seth Made The Shift From Just A Web Design Agency To An Expert In His Market

Customer Name: Seth Erickson

Location: Dallas, Texas

Seth has a successful web design agency but always had difficulty attracting the right clients because like most agencies sort of served a wide range of clients in a variety of verticals.

And also like most agencies, they are really good at the technical parts of what they do but marketing themselves has been difficult because they've never zoned in on an ideal client.

Having invested in other coaching programs the advice he always received was generic and "just pick one".

Well, building funnels and marketing engines and packaging up your services when you still haven't gotten clarity on who you serve, what they need and how to talk to them becomes out of Seth remained stuck.

In this interview we're going to talk through how he's been able to get clarity in who he serves and how that's changed the way he runs his business.

In this video, Seth and I talk about:

  • Why he couldn't "just pick an avatar" and how that advice didn't actually help him

  • How he finally broke through on how to communicate with his ideal client

  • How he's been able to harness this new clarity to create marketing that's put him in front of more of the right prospects and position himself as an authority.

Quotes from the call:

You gave me 5 different exercises to look at things differently like the avatar and going through those exercises, taking notes, talking to team and being able to go to meetings with you and team have been super helpful.

inside look at seth's experience


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