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Are you in the earlier stages of your business and doing less than $15k?

We built a training designed specifically for you called Launchpad. It will help you Launch your first “irresistible offer” and sell it to people who are proven to want it. This is for agency owners, freelancers, and service providers who have been working with anyone and everyone… and are finally ready to build a single irresistible offer to attract ideal clients.

If you’re doing $15k per month as an agency owner / service provider...

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"4 months ago this thing didn't even exist in our business and now has crossed the six-figure threshold"
- Chris Baylis

"Those 2 days were spectacular, it really moved me forward and I got so much traction"
- Carol Marzouk

"There is just always something I didn't know that I needed to know that I learn while I'm here"
- Christopher Harris

"Going from doing 3 month projects, to doing it in 3 days and now we got it down to 1 day"
- Ailsa Chibnail