Digital Marketing Pricing Model | What To Sell and How To Price Your Services

When agency owners start selling their thinking, they aren’t really sure how to charge for it cuz they are used to just selling their time.

Well, as you begin to package your IP (intellectual property) into things like training, programs, workshops, consulting, coaching, courses, and more...

Pricing can be a little “mysterious”.

I get it.

Well, in this episode I want to break down the only 3 things you can sell, how those get packaged up by the most successful, and what you can be charging for them.

Transcript / MP3

There's really no science to how they even ch how they even charge for their done for you service services, as it is, and, or their projects outside of charging. For time, I wanted to kind of talk through like the only things that you, as an agency owner can price and sell. And then when you look at the, how you're going to deliver it, the, the...


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