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Foundations Program

A 90-day boot camp style coaching and training program to help agency owners package their expertise, systemize their sales and marketing and create a leveraged delivery model.


The Problem 

All agency owners get stuck.

Yet, many escape the technician role to build world-class companies. How do they come out on top?

When you’re trying to build a business bigger than you and runs smoothly with or without you, that’s when the obstacles show up. You feel like everything depends on you. You’re trapped. Up until this point, your success might feel like luck and when you look forward you don’t see a way out. What’s keeping you from growing a business that serves you and not the other way around?   


YOU are sales, marketing, and fulfillment

You’re all the things and doing most of the work yourself — and you only have so many hours in the day. You probably find yourself working early mornings, into the evenings, on weekends, and worse, on vacation.

You are sales, marketing, and fulfillment


Every client project starts from scratch

Every job is like starting from scratch, so it requires a ton of input and set up from you. This usually stems from the fact that you serve too many “types” of clients. No one solution can be repeated frequently enough to create leverage so you remain trapped.

Every client project starts from scratch


You chase, hunt, and hope for the next client

You rely on word of mouth and referrals and those are unpredictable. Some of your clients even have a tough time explaining what it is you do for them so they end up sending unqualified prospects your way. Worse, you take those as clients which further dilutes your service offering.

You chase, hunt, and hope for the next client


You sell ONE thing - you time or capacity

Most agencies are selling their labor in the form of capacity or hours. Over time, labor decreases in value. In your current model, your service delivery is bound by 'human hours'. The more clients you have the more humans you need.  And often those humans are expensive and you pay them before you pay yourself. Oh, and because things are so custom, you need to hire expensive people which are hard to find.

You sell ONE thing


You’re working more and not making more

Revenue isn’t growing — or worse, it’s been the same for months (maybe years). The freedom and growth you sought after when starting your business is now a dream. The only options? More of the same so you can say your work for yourself — or — getting a job.

You’re working more

Meet Greg - 

I've Been Exactly Where You Are.

I’ve encountered every obstacle under the sun — you name it — I’ve faced it. From hitting revenue ceilings to feeling like a glorified freelancer building everyone’s business but mine.

From being the guy behind the big names growing their business vs mine, struggling to hire A-team players to later lletting most of them go to rebuild from the ground up. I’ve been there. I’ve felt stuck too. But throughout all of these challenges, there’s a playbook I’ve learned that can prevent most of it from happening to you.

It’s the one roadmap to growing your business with as few bumps as possible. It’s the one thing I credit my success to, and I’m eager to share it with you.

  • 15+ years in business
  • Built a 7-figure marketing automation agency
  • Transformed it into a 7-figure coaching and training business
  • Trained over 300+ agency owners

My Secret to Growing A Profitable & SyStemical Agency

The solution 

Get paid for your thinking and expand your revenue streams.

Transition to (or add on) a new more profitable revenue stream to your business that allows you to package up your expertise, thinking and systems into training, coaching, and done-with-you leverage programs.


Simplify and specialize your service offering into desirable solution

We’ll simplify your services into a leveraged offering that can be packaged into step-by-step processes that anyone could follow giving you the ultimate leverage and predictability.

Simplify and specialize your service offering into desirable solution


Systemize and automate where you spend the most time.

As client service providers, we spend the most time in sales and fulfillment. So automating lead generation before either of these areas won’t give me my time back. Together we’ll install the necessary systems to streamline your sales and serve more clients with less effort.

Systemize and automate where you spend the most time.


Expand your revenue streams to include Done-With-You and 1:many

If the ONLY way you make money is by selling your time and labor there will always be a ceiling on how much money you can make. We’ll help you add on or transition to a new revenue stream that is more scalable that positions you to go from one-to-one to one-to-many and increase your profits along with revenue.

Expand your revenue streams

The Opportunity

More clients and profit. With less hours, energy and headache.

This works for anyone who wants to leverage and monetize their existing agency knowledge, skills, and know-how to grow a more profitable business that can run with or without you — while having time to do the things you love.

The Opportunity

Curious if this is right for you?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our Business Advisors to brainstorm how it will work for you. 

The program

Borrow Our Experience And Systems

Almost 2 decades involved in the agency world, plus tried and true processes, systems and training used by 250+ agency owners.

Transition to (or add on) a new more profitable revenue stream to your business that allows you to package up your expertise, thinking and systems into training, coaching, and done-with-you leverage programs. 

The roadmap

What we will build together


Become CEO

Transitioning from technician to CEO starts with how you show up every day and fine tune your mind for success. Design your days and weeks to lead your business to the next level.


Narrow Focus

Real in high-quality leads and clients by getting crystal clear on who you serve and position your business as one clients won’t want to work without.


Package Process

Unpack your expertise and package it up into a clear end-to-end deliverable that solves you ideal clients most pressing problem. This will be your one page roadmap for all things delivery, sales and marketing.


Qualify Prospects

Not every client is the right client. We’ll install a predictable automated system to help you get on the phone with your most ideal prospects so you only spend your time with the prospects you want to work with.


Streamline Sales

When it comes to converting prospects into clients the process should be the same. Every. Single. Time. When it is, removing yourself from that process to focus on growth is finally possible. We’ll help you create a repeatable sales process that can be handed off to anyone on your team.


Engineer Onramp

Maximize your profit margins and get your time back by engineering a new client onboarding experience that has your clients in momentum before they ever even speak to you. When you do this right you’ll never experience scope creep again and you’ll shorten your delivery time to sere move clients each month.


Promote Pilot

You got a brand new offering that is easier to sell and deliver. Now it’s time to sell it. Yup, that’s right. You’ll sell before building the whole thing out to validate messaging and make sure your ideal clients get exactly what they want and need. The goal? 3-10 clients paying you between $3,000 and $10,000.


Deliver Pilot

Serve a small number of “pilot” clients through this new leveraged process to iron out any of the kinks and ready it for becoming your new (possibly flagship) offering.


Expand Operations

Experiencing how you can impact more clients while building a business you love will make you want to scale it up. Learn how to expand the operations around this new leveraged model to eventually replace and surpass your done-for-you revenue stream making you a dual-income agency.


From the revenue hamster wheel to the continuous pursuit of predictable revenue.

Our Foundations Program alumni consist of agency owners, freelancers, consultants, designers, strategists and creative professionals around the world. 

Best business decision I've made in quite some time!

- Joe H.

I'm really excited to finally have a clear direction.

- Jason J.

In only two days it has cleared my vision about my business...

- Alex D.

Learning, accountability, and a seriously solid method for creating high-ticket programs.

- Stephanie S.

Realizing that I can do better work for more orgs is a game changer for me.

- Chris B.

You're changing my life man, and my clients' too.

- Chris P.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • I don’t already have an agency
  • I want a done-for-you solution
  • I want a complete DIY solution
  • I want to continue getting paid time-for-money
  • I care more about fame than fortune
  • I only care about more leads and need them yesterday

This program IS for you if:

  • I want to eventually escape 1:1 agency work and trading time for money.
  • I want to automate my client acquisition
  • I want coaching, support and a step-by-step playbook to follow
  • I want to streamline my fulfillment so i’m not the bottleneck.
  • I have a track record of getting clients results
  • I’d like to be able to replace and surpass my DFY revenue with something more leveraged

Frequently Asked

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