Productize your services into one core offer you can deliver again and again.

A hands-on 90-day training and coaching program that shows you how to identify your specific knowledge,  package it into one specialized core offer, take it to market and stabilize your time and your income.

Who it's for

Foundations is for you if you’re a service provider, agency, consultant, freelancer or expert with specialized knowledge, have clients with results and want to package your expertise into productized services and digital training products. If this is you you’re probably...

Overbooked and Underpaid

  • Your client delivery is 1-on-1
  • Customizing your service packages for each client
  • Projects always go beyond scope
  • Too available and bending over backwards for your clients
  • Always worrying a client is going to leave or call with a fire drill
  • Never have time for anything besides your clients work
  • People don’t value you services
  • Not looked at as an expert

Your Business

  • Selling too many types of services and offers
  • Haven’t figured out your niche
  • Terrified to specialize
  • Trying to solve a giant multi-faceted problem
  • Your message isn’t connecting with your dream clients

Not Getting Clients Consistently

  • Income is feast and famine
  • You’re jumping from strategy to strategy
  • You’re actually building multiple businesses at a time

Foundations will help you

  • Package your services and expertise into one irresistible core offer that you can sell again and again (aka a Productized Service)
  • Streamline the delivery of your productized service vehicle
  • Articulate what you sell in a way that attracts your ideal clients and lets you charge a premium ($5k+)
  • Build and deploy a product centric content strategy
  • Leverage social to grow your audience and influence
  • Get 1-3 paying clients to test and validate your new offer
  • Convert prospects into clients without proposals
  • Cut your working hours in half

What some clients are saying

Chris Baylis

"It was easily the best investment I made in my business. I can't think of something that paid off in this way. Just the pre-selling of my new program allowed me to step away from 1-on-1. It's exactly what you said it would and just as challenging as you promised it would be."

How it works

  • The Content: 6-week video training curriculum with step-by-step instructions, workbooks, exercises and templates.
  • Tools: Get all the frameworks and tools to sell and deliver one irresistible service.
  • Community: A private community where you can hang out with others on the same journey.
  • Coaching Call: 1x90 coaching call weekly call to get the support you need on designing your offer, validating it by launching a pilot and attracting clients with content marketing and 2x monthly Sales Training/Coaching to improve your sales close rates.
  • Accountability: Between our team and your peers, stay on track as you implement the playbooks provided.
  • Support: Get daily support via the community, email/chat with our team of coaches.

How to get started

If you’re a small service provider, agency, consultant, freelancer or expert looking to package your services into one irresistible offer you can sell again and again and streamline your delivery to stabilize your income and your time...

Click the button below to pick a time to speak with somebody on our team. After completing the short questionnaire, we will meet with you on Zoom to see if Foundations is a good fit. If you have any questions, email