Hey, I’m stoked that you’re joining us for our AltAgency Academy Intensive. It’s going to be epic! Here’s a little of what you can expect at the event.

First up, know that this is one of our main client training events for the year. It’s not a sales thing. There will be zero pitches. We’ll teach you just like everyone else and that means we’ll expect you to play full out just a like a client. Meaning participation in all the activities, get actively involved, and contribute, sound good?

Most of all, though, I want you to enjoy the time we’ll have together. Academy is an amazing community of business owners who are building more profits, leverage and freedom in the world and I’d love you to be part of it.


Here’s what’s happening at the event

We are super excited to dive in and have put together a mind-blowing couple of days!

Topics we are gonna cover:

  • Free Community Funnel & Implementation Session
  • The Expert Sessions - curated sessions across our four pillars of Connect, Convert, Serve & Scale
  • The Mastermind - break out into small groups and mastermind with your peers & coaches
  • Open Jam Session - jam on areas of your business that you're focused on for the quarter


This Intensive is Virtual, so enjoy from the comfort of your home or office! Please make sure you're in a quiet area to allow for full participation (this is not a listening event!)!

Just one more step, now that you're in, please take a minute and register for this event (we require all clients and guests to do so) and you'll be sent the zoom invite!

Please contact team@altagency.com if you have any issues!

Dates and Times

All times listed are Mountain Time

Wednesday March 8th - Friday March 10th

What To Bring

We’ll provide the workbooks and worksheets we’ll use in the workshop. Going digital? Have these loaded and ready on your iPad prior the event.

Leave the phones elsewhere and bring your full body, mind, and spirit ready to rock n roll!

What To Wear

We’re casual around here...so as long as you're wearing pants (yes, please wear bottoms even on zoom🤣 and a shirt, we're good !

Still Got Questions?

No problem! The ALT Crew’s got your back. Shoot us an email at team@altagency.com and we’ll get back to you with answers.