Don’t Discount Your Agency Services Like This

Have you ever offered a discount JUST to get a client?

I’m not talking about a Pay-In-Full savings…

I’m talking about you made an offer of X and the client wouldn’t move forward unless you offered it for Y. 

Y was less than X and deep down you didn’t want to do it, but you did just to get the client. 

Have ya done that? 

If so, this is THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I see agency owners making today. 

Watch today’s video where I break down why and what you should do instead.

Watch now.

​Transcript / MP3

What's good. Everybody. Greg Hickman here, founder of all And in this video, I want to break down and share the biggest mistake that I see agency owners, creative service professionals making when it comes to getting clients in the door by actually discounting their services. So I don't want you to discount your services like this. So let's jump into how you should start to think about getting new clients and why discounting is not the way to go. Let's do it. ...


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