How To Build A Better Marketing Machine

Want leads coming to you day in and day out?

You have to build a marketing machine.

Depending on where you hang out online, you likely hear funnel this, funnel that...
blah. blah. blah.

Funnels are important but it doesn't have to be mysterious and it's really just like any other machine.

You have the core system which is an asset and you're going to have the inputs that feed that system/asset.

In today's video, I'm sharing a clip from one of our coaching calls where I sketch out the core pieces of the machine you need.

Warning: This is probably going to seem simpler than you're expecting. And that's the point.
Don't be fooled to think that this has to be complicated.

We constantly remind our clients to "Start Simple. Get Ninja Later".

The best part is that the "simple way" can get you to 6-figures a month. real need to ever get ninja.

Transcript / MP3

Hey, what's you're about to see is a little clip from one of our group coaching calls, where I was breaking down, how we think about marketing automation and the importance of building your marketing automation campaigns in a modular way. Let's get it going. [inaudible]

I think going direct to application is going to be hard for a lot of people. Uh, I almost never do it in the beginning when you're having conversations. It's a great place to point people. This is why we, we build everything. Modularly guys, everything we do is modular for a reason. So we have your booking page. ...


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